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Knowledge Management Services

Intelligent Architectures are currently pioneering the development of a business-oriented service which provides a web based environment for independent modules of decision logic. These modules encapsulate decision making logic which allows them to perform functions to assist businesses in decision making processes. The service enables the modules of logic to communicate autonomously with external systems to send and retrieve data. This opens up a wide range of applications in the business world.

Development Platform and Applications

The development platform has now been released as Open Source Software. More information about the platform and applications developed using it can be found here.


Business areas in which Knowledge Management Services can provide value include:

  • Financial prediction and investment allocation
  • Manufacturing production systems / Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Retail stock allocation and purchasing management
  • Booking and scheduling in all sectors
  • Implementing distributed Artificial Intelligence agents

As well as providing a sophisticated web based logic environment for businesses, we aim to provide bespoke modules of decision logic tailored to their needs. The architecture allows for ease of integration with existing systems and maximum flexibility for introduction of new systems. This service has the potential of providing advanced intelligent software which will add value by improving a business' efficiency.

diagram showing context of the services

Below is a screen shot of a Manufacturing Resource Planning system implemented in just a few weeks of development time, highlighting the clear advantage of increased productivity for certain software problems.

screenshot of a sample MRP application

We welcome contact with businesses that are interested in our Knowledge Management Services platform, and are open to discussing the service we can provide. From this collaboration with potential customers we hope to mould the outcome of this development into a desirable business product.

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