Intelligent Architectures

Current Development Projects

Knowledge Management Environment Specification (KMES)

This project is designed to further the scope of AI and logic based programming by bringing it into the web based distributed systems market.


  • Develop a robust specification for KMES
  • Implement a KMES compliant system (the Knowledge Management Services), demonstrating the potential of the architecture through several case studies appealing to users, business users and developers
  • To make artificial intelligence more accessible to a wide audience
  • To promote the benefit of straightforward logic programming and AI techniques
  • To introduce the web and logic programming paradigms as a combined solution to practical problems

Practical applications of a KMES compliant system include business rule engines, and harvesting knowledge from web based sources.

Although this is a business oriented development, the specification itself will be made available to download and open to constructive discussion. This is because Intelligent Architectures recognises the need to stimulate technical development in this area. Full source code of KMS will likely not be available, as once development reaches maturity it is intended to be branched off for production level applications.

However KMS does make use of a modification to the SWAPP libraries for SWI-Prolog. Further information as well as the source to SWAPP-KMS (part of the Prolog portion of KMS) is available here.

If you wish to know more about the project, please contact us.