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Organisa Lite

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Organisa Lite is a lightweight task organisation tool which can help you manage tasks in a simple manner.

Essentially it is a 'To Do List' application which allows you to organise multiple notes and dates into single units called projects.

For example: if you're looking for a new place to live you can group your property details and moving dates all in one place. Perhaps you've also got an important project ongoing at work and you need to organise your deadlines, meetings and relevant information? You can easily do all this in one convenient place - the Organisa Lite app.

Additionally you can update your Android Calendar with your imporant dates from Organisa Lite at the touch of a button.

This application also includes features to export the entire Organisa Lite workspace into an XML format which you can easily transfer, via email for example, and then import into Organisa Lite on another Android device. This allows you to backup and share your workspace with other people.

Organisa Lite is currently available from the Android Market for £1.69 and we hope to offer a reduced cost version from our website in the near future.

If wish to you submit a request for a bug fix or additional features please contact us at:
Fixes to bugs and problems with the application will be released as updates to the existing version as soon as possible.

Why the price tag? We simply don't want to devalue the sort of work and quality of applications that we and many other professional developers produce by yielding to giving away software. Small businesses need this kind of investment to survive and secure a future for our organisations which will allow us to improve our products and introduce more applications to be enjoyed by our users in the future.

For correspondance about our mobile apps, please contact us at: